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what''s the ATS and how it work ? best diesel generator supplier in china kaito
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2014-8-4 10:42:25
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What is an Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS)?

It is the brains behind the system.
An ATS monitors the utility voltage, senses utility failure, starts and runs the generator, switches the electric load from utility to the generator.
Senses the return of utility power, switches the load back to utility and finally, after a short cool down period, turns off the generator.
An ATS is sized in volts and amps and is matched to the generator and the utility service.hence ,ATS help decrease many probem .it's necessary to home use .

How ATS works?

The Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) constantly monitors the utility power.
If there is an interruption in utility service, the ATS disconnects the utility service from the distribution panel and starts the generator.

When mains power fails the ATS will pause for a set period (determined at set up by the engineer) to ensure you haven’t had a power spike.

Once the generator is producing power the ATS connects the generator to the distribution panel.
The standby generator is providing power to the distribution panel. This process takes from 10-20 seconds.

When the ATS senses that utility service is properly restored, it disconnects the generator from the distribution panel and reconnects the utility service.
After transferring back to utility service the generator goes through a cool down period of about 10-15 minutes, then shuts down.
The system is back in standby, ready to respond to the next power failure.


This insures that the system is indeed stand-by ready for the next time it is called on to power-up in the event of a utility failure.

How to connect ATS to Service Panelboard?

Installing your transfer switch ahead of your main breaker is relatively simple.

However minimal changes to your existing wiring may be required while making the installation.

Because of the complexities of some type of mianboards & wiring your transfer switch this way, it’s STRONGLY suggested hire a licensed electrical contractor to make the installation.

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